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Wholesale Information

Pub Date: January 5, 2024


Format: Hardcover/Paperback


ISBN: 979-8-9886006-0-2/ 979-8-9886006-1-9


LCCN: 2023923710


Genre: Juvenile Fiction


Trim Size: 8x10


Pages: 38


Distribution: Direct, Ingram, Baker & Taylor


List Price: $20.99/$14.99


Wholesale Discount: 40%

Description: Dive into "Hope’s Beach Rescue: A Tale of Saving Sea Turtles" a heartwarming tale of a young girl named Hope who discovers a stranded sea turtle on the beach. Through her encounter with Mariana, a sea turtle rescue worker, Hope learns about the challenges these endangered creatures face due to human activities. This inspiring story teaches young readers about environmental responsibility, showing how simple actions like filling holes and flattening sandcastles can protect sea turtles. Hope's transformation from a concerned girl to an eco-warrior leading her 'Hole Patrol' demonstrates the power of one person to make a difference.

A Cause Beyond the Pages: A portion of the proceeds from this book supports local nonprofit organizations dedicated to sea turtle conservation, mirroring the book's message of active participation in environmental protection.

Interactive Learning: With bonus content located at the end of the book, children can engage further and reflect on the message of the story.

About the Author: Mystica Green, an avid Eco Warrior, draws from her real-life experiences in establishing ‘Hole Patrol’ and volunteering at a sea turtle hospital. Her passion for environmental education shines through every page, making this book a beacon of hope and action for young readers.

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