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Green Sea Turtle


Sea turtle FAQs are a great way to learn more about these amazing creatures. Here are some of the questions we often get asked about sea turtles.

Check out the authors' first published article. While she has moved on from the original nonprofit she worked with, she is still educating children and adults alike on how to help sea turtles.


This is a featured article on the danger that a sandcastle had on a baby sea turtle. Click below to read the full article. 

Light pollution can be a serious threat to sea turtles. Artificial lights can disorient sea turtles and lead them away from their nesting grounds. Sea turtles rely on natural light from the moon and stars to guide them to the ocean. Lights along coastlines can confuse the turtles and cause them to become lost and disoriented. Sea turtles are also threatened by nighttime beach lighting which can prevent hatchlings from being able to find the ocean. It is important to reduce light pollution in coastal areas to protect sea turtle nesting grounds.

Here is a story about some hatchlings that were found heading towards the road.

baby sea turtles and light pollution
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