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Young girl standing on the beach with a sea turtle and sandcastle

Discover the Adventure:

Join young Hope in an inspiring beachside adventure in "Hope’s Beach Rescue: A Tale of Saving Sea Turtles". This heartwarming tale unfolds as Hope discovers a stranded sea turtle and learns the significant impact of human actions on these endangered creatures. Now available directly from our website! Price is slightly discounted to assist with shipping costs. Click here.

This book contains:

"A journey of learning and action"


"An inspiration for young eco-warriors"

"Bonus content includes interactive learning"


"A cause beyond the pages"

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Hardcover Edition

Paperback Edition

SofloMom, FL

"My kids received this book as a gift. They loved it. And now Everytime we go to the beach, they make sure to do everything they learned from this wonderful story."

Anonymous, FL

“My family and I absolutely LOVE this book! It is a super fun, colorful, and enjoyable book..."

Barb, United States

“As a teacher for 20 years, I find this book to be a wonderful learning tool. Children and adults alike can gain a lot of very important knowledge about turtles...”

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